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Elevate your expertise with the gold standard in female fitness education. Meticulously (+ lovingly)  crafted by a Fitpro for Fitpros.

Open 2024

You're a dedicated trainer, passionate about helping women achieve their fitness goals, but

You often find yourself grappling with a sense of frustration and helplessness.

Deep down, you know there must be a better way to support your clients, but the lack of specialised knowledge holds you back.

With each passing day, the gap between where you are and where you want to be widens, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to bridge that divide.

The downside of the knowledge gap


Coaches and trainers face numerous challenges without the proper understanding of female exercise physiology.

For one, tailoring workouts and training programs to meet the unique needs of women becomes an uphill battle. The female body undergoes distinct hormonal changes and experiences that must be considered when designing fitness regimens.

Without this knowledge, trainers may inadvertently overlook crucial factors that could hinder progress and even lead to potential injury.

Moreover, coaching women effectively requires a comprehensive understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects that come into play. Women often deal with issues such as body image, self-esteem, and societal pressures, which can significantly impact their fitness journey. When trainers lack the necessary tools and techniques to address these concerns, they may struggle to provide the holistic support that their clients truly need.

Coach, if you ...

  • Want to stand out in a crowded (and mediocre) fitness market 
  • Are passionate about providing evidence-based anti-BS education to your female clients
  • Want to create life-long transformations 
  • Believe in the power of resistance training
  • Value what you have to offer and want to add a higher level of education
  • Want to command higher prices and rates

Then this certification is for you 👌🏽



The Simple Step-By-Step Training Women System That Will Fast Track Your Learning, Enhance Your Sessions + Make You More Money

  • Get clear + practical knowledge on how to work with women of any age
  • Learn female physiology in an easy-to-understand way
  • Identify key health biomarkers that your clients need to focus on
  • Learn the crucial things that all trainers need to know about women's bodies
  • Avoid critical programming mistakes that prevent women from achieving their goals (and may potentially injure them)

The Training Women Certification Will Amplify Your Business

After 6 weeks, you'll


Discover the impact and influence sex hormones have on a woman's growth, development, health and results.  Learn how to prescribe more personalised, effective, results-based programs.


Have a waitlist of women dying to work with you because you're known as the go-to personal trainer for all things related to women's health, fitness, performance and results. 


This certification will teach you a system for working with your female clients.  Simply follow the step-by-step processes to help guide your clients to better results (with fewer headaches from your end)


Plus all these extra juicy benefits


1. Expertise in Female Health and Performance Coaching: Gain a specialized skill set that sets you apart as a certified professional in training women. Expand your knowledge of female physiology, psychology, and specific training methodologies tailored to women's unique needs.

2. Enhanced Client Relationships: Develop a deeper understanding of your female clients' goals, challenges, and motivations. Learn effective coaching strategies to build trust, create personalized plans, and support their journey towards optimal health and fitness.

3. Increased Confidence and Credibility: The certification gives you the confidence and credibility to attract and retain female clients. Stand out in the industry as a trusted expert, leading to increased referrals and opportunities for growth.

4. Improved Results: Unlock the secrets to achieving optimal results for your female clients. Learn evidence-based strategies to optimize fat loss, build strength, improve performance, and enhance overall well-being, tailored specifically for women.

5. Holistic Approach to Female Health: Gain insights into the unique aspects of women's health, including hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycle considerations and the menopausal transition. Understand how to design safe and effective training programs that support women at every stage of life.

6. Effective Communication: Develop your skills in effective communication and coaching techniques specifically tailored to women. Learn how to motivate, inspire, and empower your clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their health and fitness goals.


Let's Take A Look At What's Inside

These three pillars comprise the FH+P Training Women Model and are the foundation of the Training Women System.

Here's the breakdown of each module

(a closer look at the FH+P Method topics covered in the course)

  • What's happening in female physiology research - the limitations
  • Menstrual Cycle physiology and how it impacts total body health
  • How female sex hormones affect the Musculoskeletal System, Cardiorespiratory system and body composition
  • Common injuries and movement dysfunction trainers are likely to come across
  • Women's needs through the ages from the young adult to the post-menopausal woman
  • Risk factors and conditions to be aware of eg Female Athletic Triad, RED's, Inflammation injuries, hormone changes
  • Defining physiological/lifestyle load and how it impacts hormone health
  • Connecting the dots between lifestyle habits and health + performance
  • How to use the Body IQ Lifestyle tool to assess the physiological load
  • Take the questionnaire yourself to see where you are at!
  • Interpret the data and learn how to effectively set and coach habit change
  • The FH+P 6 step system for assessment and onboarding
  • The key PAR-Q questions you must be asking
  • Movement assessments, Periodisation 101, Female Phase Training and specific training recommendations for midlife women
Open 2024

Hey, I'm Nardia

BPhEd, Dip MT, Certified Health Coach 

In 2009, I faced a major health setback that challenged daily tasks, including training clients. Despite being a health professional, I was far from healthy.

My crisis led me to work with a Naturopath and Functional GP, where I discovered gaps in my knowledge about female physiology and exercise.

This journey inspired me to research, experiment, and eventually create a course tailored to improving women's health.

I've designed the certification I once wished for.

Join me in enhancing the well-being and performance of women everywhere.

With The FH+P Certification You'll Learn To:

Clearly identify a woman's health and fitness needs through the different ages and phases of life.  From adolescence to older adults.

Assess the amount of physiological load she is under and pinpoint what part of her lifestyle needs addressing first.

Confidently ask female-specific questions in your PAR-Q, and be able to interpret the information

Modify exercise programs and recommend sound lifestyle strategies to meet specific health needs and goals

Periodise your strength and cardiovascular training with a woman's menstrual cycle (Female Phase Training) to maximise her gains

Integrate the Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment, and female-specific movement assessments to truly offer a personalised approach

Know how to make specific exercise modifications for women in their peri-menopausal and menopausal phases of life

Be a more effective and successful coach - regardless of whether you are working one on one, having groups or work online

How The Course Is Taught

The Female Health + Performance certification is taught over six weeks in a Virtual format.

It consists of the following:

  • 2 x 90 min live workshops that bookend the six weeks
  • Pre-recorded, easy-to-watch lectures (Value $1500)
  • Weekly live tutorials (with Nardia and her education team) (Value $2400)
  • Course Manual (Value $150)
  • Direct access to Nardia (and her team) for Q and A in the workshops (Invaluable $$$)

What Some Past Grads Have To Say


This Is For You If You:

  • Are passionate about helping women achieve their goals in a safe and effective way
  • Have a deep desire to learn
  • Want a deeper understanding of female physiology
  • Want a comprehensive introduction to women's health through the ages
  • Are willing to make changes in their business to improve their programming
  • Are open-minded

This Is Not For You If:

  • You have a 'results at any cost' mentality
  • Can't or won't offer individualised approaches
  • You only see things in black or white - training women needs nuanced approaches
  • You're looking for quick fixes or 'hacks' for your female clients
  • You're just chasing CEC's - this course is for Fit Pro's who want to master the way they work with women, not tick a box

Join the hundreds of Fitness Professionals who are now more clued up, confident, and coaching women better

2024 course dates released soon

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Want a feel for the content? Take a peek at these module snippets


Ready To Get Your Learn On?

Over six weeks together, you will get:

  • 2 x 90 min live workshops that bookend the six weeks
  • Pre-recorded, easy-to-watch lectures (Value $1500)
  • Weekly live tutorials (with Nardia and her education team) (Value $2400)
  • Course Manual (Value $150)
  • Direct access to Nardia (and her team) for Q and A in the workshops (Invaluable $$$)

The Female Health + Performance certification is easily valued at over $5000 - this is no exaggeration.

And more importantly

Here's what you'll experience:

By the end of the course, you'll:

  • Have increased confidence in your knowledge of female physiology
  • Have a newfound appreciation for how a woman's body functions
  • A greater awareness + insight into how lifestyle load impacts training
  • Be bursting with ideas to add new female-focussed products into your business (eg, Signature Program, workshops, coaching programs and so on)
  • Be clear and confident working through the FH+P Training Women System

Harness the Power of Specialisation and Increase Your Impact with the Female Health + Performance Certification 

And did I mention there's more?

When you enroll you'll also get these outstanding bonuses

Bonus 1:

FH+P Mastery Workshop

Value $247


There's nothing worse than finishing a course and then .... crickets. No follow-up.  Nada.

Most questions arise when you start putting the information into practice, which is why we have a follow-up FH+P Mastery workshop to answer questions and troubleshoot or discuss clients.

Bonus 2:

DFY Education Workshop

Value $777


At the end of this course you're going to want to run an educational evening for your clients as a value add and as a lead magnet for new clients.  But perhaps you don't know how to put a workshop together. Don't worry, I got you with this complete done-for-you workshop plan, including an editable slide deck, handouts, and presenting notes!

Bonus 3:

DFY 30 Days Reel Prompts 

Value $347


Not sure how to educate your clients with your FH+P knowledge? Hate creating content bc you don't know what to say? Want to provide engaging content to build your brand? Again, don't stress, let me do the work for you with 30 days of done for you, educational post prompts for your social media.


The FH+P certification is the leading course for any Fit Pro who works with women. Period.

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