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Working With Ex + Body Obsessed Female Clients

There is a small subset of female clientele who have taken exercise and healthy habits to the extreme.  They believe in the ‘more is better' approach yet it is clear this mentality is causing her physical and psychological harm. 

Working with this type of woman can be extremely challenging and requires specific coaching skills.  Join Nardia as she discusses why the ‘more is better’ mentality leads to poor and destructive lifestyle choices, how to identify high-risk clients that may require a referral and how to support them back to health.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn

  • How to identify what type of female clients are prone to having a dysfunctional relationship with exercise, food and self-esteem
  • How to identify overtraining and under-recovery signs and symptoms (and how this affects other bodily systems)
  • To clarify the role of the Personal trainer in this situation and how they can guide a woman back to health
  • To about the Wellness spectrum and identify what is considered 'healthy' exercise behaviours and habits
  • The complex relationship that exists between self-esteem, food, body image, exercise, menstruation and mental health (using the RED's model)



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