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Welcome to a Unique Female Focussed Course That's As Unique As Women


Women have different health + fitness needs throughout their life.  Learn how to bring a female-specific approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help your clients look, feel + perform at their best.


But first ...


Despite what many in the fitness industry think, women, are not simply 'little men with breasts'.

For the most part, women and men are similar, however, the differences created by female sex hormones have a profound impact. 

Female sex hormones influence metabolism, growth, fuel use, strength gains, size differences, bone health and much more.

Yet, even with these differences, you've been taught to train women in the same manner that you train men. The only exception to that rule is during pregnancy or in the post-pregnancy phase of her life.

Considerations are made for her during those important life events but very rarely are they considered during her monthly cycle and other phases of life.

It's time to challenge outdated ways of training women and learn a new, more effective approach.

If you've ever had these struggles or situations ...

Your client is training really hard and strictly following her eating plan but not getting the results you, or her, expect 

Your client struggles to connect the dots between her stress levels, sleep, cravings and her results 

Your over 40 clients are starting to see shifts in their body shape, mood, motivation and menstrual cycles and neither of you know how to help it 

You notice your clients strength, fitness, motivation and output changes dramatically across a month and she blames it on her lack of 'discipline'

A client tells you her menstrual cycle is changing or has stopped and wonders whether this is an issue or not

You've got clients who are cardio bunnies and aren't interested in weight training, even though you know it will benefit them

Then the Female Health + Performance Certification Can Help You + Your Clients

Through science and real-world experience, this 2 day program will provide you with the tools you need to develop effective and save programs.

Learn the science of training women

Discover the impact and influence sex hormones have on a woman's growth, development, health and results.  Learn how to prescribe more personalised, effective, results-based programs.

Stand Out From Other Businesses

Have a waitlist of women dying to work with you because you're known as the go-to personal trainer for all things related to women's health, fitness, performance and results. 

Make a Lasting Impact

Be part of an epic movement! Join like-minded PT's who are positively changing the direction of the fitness industry and raising the bar for Women's Health + Fitness.

Ready to do something powerfully different?

By taking this course you will walk away with clear and practical knowledge on how to safely and effectively work with any woman of any age.

This No-BS certification will help you understand the science and physiology of working with women.

I'll show you how to effectively evaluate a clients lifestyle load (using the Body IQ Questionnaire),  explain how her lifestyle choices influence her hormones and vice versa, and what to do with that information.

We start by understanding the role sex hormones play in a woman's life, how these change over the course of her lifetime and what key things all trainers need to know about women's bodies. 

Learn how to avoid crucial programming mistakes that prevent women from achieving their goals (and may potentially injure them). 

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Training Women Isn't Just About Picking The *Right* Exercises, Sets + Reps ...

To effectively coach a woman, you have to coach the whole woman.  This is often missed by trainers who expect (often unrealistically) that a woman *should* be able to stick to her exercise programs in order to get results, regardless of what is happening in her life outside the gym.

Not only is this misguided, it is damaging.

Generally speaking women are already hard on themselves and are struggling to have positive relationships with their body. 

In Australia, 75% of all 15 year old girls are dieting citing body dissatisfaction as the primary reason for doing so. 

It has been reported that over 80% of adult women do NOT like their body. 

Most woman have used restrictive eating approaches and relied on high amounts of 'sweaty' cardio sessions to try and maintain their physique (often at the expense their health).

The Personal Trainer of the future isn't someone who counts reps or chooses random exercises from their favourite Instagram Fitstar.  Nor do they reinforce diet culture or dangerous fitness culture.

The future, successful PT is a coach. They coach women to make great choices for their health, body and life.  This elevated Fitness Professional knows how to effectively educate and write do-able programs that fit in with a clients lifestyle.

The Female Health + Performance Course will help you achieve this.

What We Will Cover:

The Female Health + Performance (FH+P) Method is broken into 3 key pillars with sub-topics for each

In the Female Physiology section you'll learn about how female sex hormones influence a woman's body - from bone health, body composition and reproduction, to recovery, appetite, menstrual cycle, energy availability and more. 

Lifestyle habits such as stress management, sleep quality and quantity, and how much daily movement someone does directly impact hormones. In this section you'll discover how this works and determine what sort of load your client is under.

In this section you'll build upon your current programming knowledge and take a closer look at what type of periodisation works best, and the learn the most effective programming strategies for your clients.  Different approaches are needed for women in their younger years versus women in their peri-menopausal and menopausal phases.

Here's the breakdown...

(a closer look look at the FH+P Method topics covered in the course)

  • What's happening with female physiology research - the limitations
  • Menstrual Cycle physiology and how it impacts total body health
  • How female sex hormones affect the Musculoskeletal System, Cardiorespiratory system and body composition
  • Common injuries and movement dysfunction trainers are likely to come across
  • Womens needs through the ages from the young adult to the post-menopausal woman
  • Risk factors and conditions to be aware of eg Female Athletic Triad, RED's, Inflammation injuires, hormone changes
  • Defining physiological/lifestyle load and how it impacts hormone health
  • Connecting the dots between lifestyle habits and health + performance
  • How to use the Body IQ Lifestyle tool to assess physiological load
  • Take the questionnaire yourself to see where you are at!
  • Interpret the data and learn how to effectively set and coach habit change
  • The FH+P 6 step system for assessment and onboarding
  • The key PAR-Q questions you must be asking
  • Movement assessments, Periodisation 101, Female Phase Training and specific training recommendations for midlife women
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Hey, I'm Nardia

BPhEd, Dip MT, Masters Sports, Ex and Health (c)


In 2009, after a series of big life events I had an epic health crises.   I was so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed, let alone face training my clients. Everything became more difficult.

My period had left the building and I was absolutely spent. I couldn't think clearly.

Not a good look for a 'health and fitness' professional - I was not even close to being healthy.

I was at a crossroads - I could do what I had always done and 'harden up' and 'push through' whilst ignoring my body's cry for help, or I could commit to getting healthy, properly.

It was only when I started working closely with a Naturopath and Functional GP that I realised I knew nothing about my body. I had never been taught in my degree or post-grad papers anything about female physiology and exercise.

My health breakdown was the catalyst for deep research, and trialling new training and lifestyle methods with my female clients.  Eventually it became the reason why I wrote this course.

I created the very certification I wish I had in my younger personal training days.

Join me in my mission to improve the health and performance of everyday women.

With The FH+P Certification You'll Learn To:

Clearly identify a woman's health and fitness needs through the different ages and phases of life.  From adolescence through to older adults.

Assess the amount of physiological load she is under and pinpoint what part of her lifestyle needs addressing first.

Confidently ask female specific questions in your PAR-Q, and be able to interpret the information

Modify exercise programs and recommend sound lifestyle strategies to meet specific health needs and goals

Periodise your strength and cardiovascular training with a woman's menstrual cycle (Female Phase Training) to maximise her gains

Integrate the Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment, and female specific movement assessments to truly offer a personalised approach

Know how to make specific exercise modifications for women in their peri-menopausal and menopausal phases of life

Be a more effective and successful coach - regardless of whether you are working one on one, have groups or work online

How The Course Is Taught


Currently, this course is being taught as a 2 day 'live' virtual course.  It is done via Zoom, and everyone is expected to be in full attendance as if it were in an in-person workshop.

There is a mix of theory, practical exercises, case studies, discussion and plenty of brain breaks!

Since people learn at different speeds I have also included online materials for additional support. You can keep going back to the online platform anytime you need after the course.  

The learning platform is super easy to navigate, and you can switch between your devices.

What Some Of The Grads Have To Say


This Is For The Fit Pro who:

  • Is passionate about helping women achieve their goals in a safe and effective way
  • Has a deep desire to learn
  • Wants a deeper understanding of female physiology
  • Wants a comprehensive introduction into women's health through the ages
  • Is willing to make changes in their business to improve their programming
  • Is open minded

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You have a 'results at any cost' mentality
  • Can't or won't offer individualised approaches
  • You only see things in black or white - training women needs nuanced approaches
  • You're looking for quick fixes or 'hacks' for your female clients
  • You're just chasing CEC's - this course is for Fit Pro's who want to master the way they work with women, not tick a box

I recently completed the Female Health + Performance certification with Nardia. I have been searching for a course that provided more information on how to train women in their various stages of life and this course delivered a detailed breakdown of the best type of training for all ages! The implementation of a Body IQ questionnaire within my future business will fully support my view that there is more to fitness than visiting and working out in a gym. The Body IQ provides a detailed analysis of how 'life' can impact women. If you want to add updated and researched knowledge to your training toolbox, I thoroughly recommend you do this course.

Nardia's female health and performance course is a must for all trainers working with women! The info is presented in a fun, raw and informative way that can be applied to your business straight away. So many light bulb moments for both myself personally and the women I work with. Could not rate it highly enough!

I thoroughly enjoyed Nardia‘s course and the wealth of information I learnt.  Only wish I had of known all of this information eight years ago when I started going through menopause. At least now I feel better equipped to help my  female clits and I’m looking forward to working more closely with Nardia In her VIP membership program.

This course was well worth the time and money. I gained a lot from the course and was able to use the learnt information immediately for my own business. Nardia is enthusiastic and very easy to learn from

Course Dates For 2022


Course 1:  Feb 26th + 27th 

Course 2: May 28th + 29th (now open for booking)

Course 3: Aug TBC

Course 4: Nov TBC

*Courses 2 - 4 are not available to be booked yet.  If you wish to be notified asap make sure you are on the mailing list


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Registrations close 25th May


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The knowledge and resources for practical application I gained in this course allowed me to implement changes into my services immediately. Nardia has a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the current research which is reflected in the course material. I highly recommend the Female Health + Performance course to any trainer working with female clients. The knowledge gained in this course is invaluable.

The Female Health + Performance course was absolutely fantastic. Not only was it full of great content that I can implement and will benefit my business, it was a huge confidence boost and such an enjoyable course. The content and way it was delivered was easy to understand and kept me engaged throughout.....thank you

The FH+P certification is the leading tool for any Fit Pro who works with women. Period.

Get this on your learning schedule today, and make a bigger impact on your clients immediately!

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